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Life change behind bars

June 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

An incredible moving of the Spirit has been taking place in the Madison Correctional Institute in north Florida. Jay Hartranft, the prison chaplain for the facility, has witnessed life changes in the men he’s been ministering to for the last five years.

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Chets Creek ministers in Honduras

June 18th, 2018|0 Comments

Living Water for Roatan “When it comes to missions, there are senders and there are goers. I was a sender," said Theresa lmbach. That was until she met with Henry Zittrower. Henry shared with the Missions Team at Chets the plight of

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Student leads event raising thousands for foster children

June 13th, 2018|0 Comments

In Scripture the apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to not let anyone look down on him because of his youth but to set an example of godly living for other believers. It’s a verse 17-year-old Jordan Evans seems to have taken to heart.

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2017 Cooperative Program Giving: Thank you Florida Baptists!” strategy

The generosity and faithfulness of Florida Baptist churches to the Cooperative Program has enabled us to #bethespark that furthers God’s Kingdom and advances the Gospel throughout our state, our nation and our world!



Migrant ministries gear up for summer block parties

June 21st, 2018|0 Comments

More than 67,000 migrant workers make up the farm work labor force in Florida over the course of a single year, according to a report by the University of Florida for Florida Housing Finance Corporation. The children of those migrant workers are not included in the numbers as they are

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SBC Annual Meeting Highlights

June 14th, 2018|0 Comments

Didn't make it to Dallas for #SBCPC18 or #SBCAM18? Here are some of the highlights from social media!                           Congratulations Dr. Rummage!       By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, June 14, 2018

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