Serving Him by serving you

The Florida Baptist Convention team is committed to journeying alongside
Florida Baptist churches and pastors in the mission of making disciples of the nations
through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Together we pledge to you…to support the local church, love the local church
and be unified together to make a Kingdom impact

Please let us know how we can be of service.

Your Florida Baptist Ministry Team

Tommy Green
Tommy GreenExecutive Director-Treasurer
Patty Vansant, Executive Assistant
Micah Ferguson
Micah FergusonStrategic Initiatives
Charlene Allen, Assistant
Mark MacDonald
Mark MacDonaldStrategic Communication Catalyst
Jennie Oswald, Assistant
Lewis Miller
Lewis MillerRegional Catalyst - West
Charlene Allen, Assistant
Wayne Briant
Wayne BriantRegional Catalyst - Southwest
Charlene Allen, Assistant
Gary Townsend
Gary TownsendRegional Catalyst - North
Laura Long, Assistant
Craig Culbreth
Craig CulbrethRegional Catalyst - East
Flor Ramirez, Assistant
Jeffery Singletary
Jeffery SingletaryRegional Catalyst - Central
Laura Long, Assistant
Al Fernandez
Al FernandezRegional Catalyst - Southeast
Rosa Garcia, Assistant
Emanuel Roque
Emanuel RoqueHispanic Church Catalyst
Flor Ramirez, Assistant
John Voltaire
John VoltaireHaitian Church Catalyst
Donatha Norde, Assistant
Patrick Coats
Patrick CoatsBlack Multicultural Church Catalyst
Donatha Norde, Assistant
Terry Williams
Terry WilliamsMusic/Worship Consultant
Laura Long, Assistant
Billy Young
Billy YoungNext Generation Ministries - Lead Catalyst
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Lance Beauchamp
Lance BeauchampBCM - Tallahassee Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Ricky Bailey
Ricky BaileyBCM - Miami Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Barry Sproles
Barry SprolesBCM - Jacksonville Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Brad Crawford
Brad CrawfordBCM - Orlando Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Eddie Gilley
Eddie GilleyBCM - Gainesville Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Nathan Schneider
Nathan SchneiderBCM - Tampa Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Tony Olesky
Tony OleskyBCM - Pensacola Area
Jessica Beike, Assistant
Myles Dowdy
Myles DowdyMissions and Ministries - Lead Catalyst
Loida Reyes, Assistant
Marc Johnston
Marc JohnstonChurch and Community
Loida Reyes, Assistant
Misael Castillo
Misael CastilloMigrant Ministries
Delicia Garland, Assistant
Delton Beall
Delton BeallDisaster Relief
Loida Reyes, Assistant
Cindy Bradley
Cindy BradleyWomen's Missions & Ministry/Missions Education
Delicia Garland, Assistant
Steve Baumgardner
Steve BaumgardnerSupport Services
Terri Brown, Assistant
Charles Staton
Charles StatonAccounting
Mike Gilley, Assistant
Lonnie Wright
Lonnie WrightInformation Support Services
Melissa Patterson, Assistant
James Peoples
James PeoplesSend City Missionary with NAMB

Your Florida Baptist Support Ministry Team

Patty Vansant
Patty VansantExecutive Ministry Assistant
Charlene Allen
Charlene AllenAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Jessica Beike
Jessica BeikeMinistry Assistant
Terri Brown
Terri BrownAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Buddy Byles
Buddy BylesMaintenance
Keila Diaz
Keila DiazDigital Communication Assistant
Rosa Garcia
Rosa GarciaAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Delicia Garland
Delicia GarlandAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Mike Gilley
Mike GilleyBookkeeper
Nicole Kalil
Nicole KalilStrategic Communication Assistant
Laura Long
Laura LongAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Donatha Norde
Donatha NordeMinistry Assistant
Jennie Oswald
Jennie OswaldAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Melissa Patterson
Melissa PattersonAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Flor Ramirez
Flor RamirezAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Loida Reyes
Loida ReyesAdministrative Ministry Assistant
Richard Shaffner
Richard ShaffnerMaintenance Supervisor