Challenge 2025 embraced by Florida Baptists

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Thank you Florida Baptists for your tremendous response to Challenge 2025. We must keep the focus on the main thing of reaching Florida and beyond for Christ. We are strategically located in an incredible ministry and mission field. Our vineyard of ministry called Florida continues to grow in an unprecedented manner. I am excited that Florida Baptists have a commitment to lead and not trail in this defining moment for us. The Florida Baptist Convention desires to be ‘Right Beside’ our churches in partnership fulfilling the call of the Great Commission.

The elements of Challenge 2025 align with the heartbeat of our Florida Baptist churches. We are better together in ministry across Florida. The components of Challenge 2025 enable every church in Florida to participate at every level of opportunity. Challenge 2025 represents a benchmark of measurement in partnership ministry for our churches. Everything within Challenge 2025 is fully to the glory of the Lord. These goals are annual goals which prayerfully we will be able to accomplish together.

Challenge 2025

  • Church Plants – 75 church plants per year
  • Church Revitalization – 100 churches per year
  • Baptisms – 30,000 baptisms per year
  • Missions Engagements – 12,000 unique mobilization engagements per year
  • Cooperative Program – Increase to $33,000,000 per year
  • Maguire State Missions Offering – Reach $1,000,000 per year for church planting

I encourage you to pray for discernment in how your church can participate in Challenge 2025. Thank you Florida Baptists for the privilege of serving you and I look forward to all the God will continue to bring about through our obedience unto Him!

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