Challenge 2025


As believers we are challenged to live out our faith in our daily lives through evangelism and discipleship. As pastors, I know that you face intense challenges and hardships as you seek to advance God’s Kingdom right where He has placed you. We know as Florida Baptists we can do more together than we ever could alone.

Baptisms. Church Plants. Church Revitalizations. Mission Engagements. Maguire State Missions Offering. Cooperative Program Giving.

These aren’t just checklist items. They are indicators of the feet on the ground working for the glory of God.  No one person, no one church can accomplish all that God has called us to.

So we work together. We challenge and sharpen one another. We encourage our brothers and we pick each other up when it is too hard to go it alone.

Gather with us on February 27 for a time of facing our challenges, addressing our ministry contexts and struggles and equipping one another to continue the fight for the advancement of the Gospel.



8:00 am            Check In
8:45 – 10:15      Main Session
10:30 –  Noon    Breakout Session #1

  • Lead/Senior Pastor Track

Church Worship, 250 below with Lewis Miller & Wayne Briant

Church Worship, 250 – 750 with Patrick Coats & Phillip Herrington

Church Worship, 750 above with Jeff Singletary & Al Fernandez

Hispanic Pastors with Emanuel Roque

Haitian Pastors with John Voltaire

Asian-American Pastors with Lito Lucas

Brazilian Pastors with Lecio Dornas

  • Second Chair Leader Track | Cyber Fraud Prevention with Micah Ferguson
  • Missions – Global with Myles Dowdy
  • Women’s Ministry with Cindy Bradley
  • Next Gen Leaders (All Next Gen Leaders) with Nathan Schneider
  • Church Planting with James People
  • Worship Leaders with Terry Williams
  • Christian Schools with Clayton Cloer

12:15 pm – 1:00      Lunch

1:15 – 2:45              Breakout Session # 2

  • Lead/Senior Pastor Track with Tommy Green
  • Second Chair Leader Track | Generosity/Stewardship with Rick Wheeler
  • Missions – Local with Myles Dowdy
  • Pastors Wives with Karen Green
  • Next Gen Leaders | Preschool and Children, Students & Collegiate
  • Church Planting with James People
  • Worship Leaders with Terry Williams
  • Baptist University of Florida with Clayton Cloer

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Dr. Tommy Green
Challenge 2025 Gathering (Feb. 2022)
Challenge 2025 Goal Progress

Paul Purvis | President, Florida Baptist State Convention
Challenge 2025 Gathering (Feb. 2022)
Don’t Quit Before You Finish

Dr. Tommy Green
Florida Baptist State Convention
Challenge 2025
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