5-year synopsis of ministry

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I am deeply grateful for the privilege of serving the churches of the Florida Baptist Convention. I am thankful for the unity that exists among our fellowship of churches. I rejoice in the blessings of God upon Florida Baptists as we seek to reach Florida and beyond for Christ.

I recently compiled a five year synopsis of ministry for Florida Baptists. It is exciting to review all that God has done, is doing, and will do through Challenge 2025 across Florida. The following information summarizes areas of ministry from 2016-2020.

Church Planting from 2016-2020

284 churches planted by churches
261 church plants remain active
91.90% success rate with church plants
$4,399,278 invested in churches planting churches

Church Revitalization from 2016-2020

503 churches have experienced support
$7,035,448 invested in church revitalization

Baptisms from 2016-2020

115,773 baptisms reported by Florida Baptist Churches
10% plus of total SBC baptisms are through Florida Baptist Churches
Florida Baptist Churches lead the SBC in baptisms

Cooperative Program from 2016-2020

$145,329,800 given through the CP by Florida Baptist Churches
$77,839,234 advanced in partnership to the Southern Baptist Convention
Florida Baptists sends 51% to the SBC and retains 49% in Florida

Maguire State Mission Offering from 2016-2020

$3,125,319 given by Florida Baptist Churches
100% of MSMO funds church planting in Florida through Send Network FL

This overview is a point of thanksgiving and celebration for Florida Baptists. Thank you Florida Baptist Churches for your Kingdom heart and Great Commission commitment. I believe that in Christ that our greatest days of mission and ministry are ahead of us.


Challenge 2025 Goals

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  1. Tom Cheyney says

    Awesome news! Stay the course Dr. Green

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