Green: God reminds Florida Baptists ‘Is there anything too hard for me’

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LAKELAND—Focusing on Jeremiah 32:27, Tommy Green, executive director-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, instructed Florida Baptists to “Buy the land! Buy the land!”

The Scripture, “Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” comes from Jeremiah 32, when God instructs Jeremiah to the buy land, even though the prophet is imprisoned by Zedekiah, King of Judah, after the defeat of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

“The Scripture was spoken in a time of chaos and confusion for man, but with total clarity from God,” Green said in his Nov. 8 address during to the Florida Baptist State Convention meeting in Lakeland.

“It reminds us that while everything around us may be marked with uncertainty, God is in control. While questions and doubts may paralyze us, God is sovereign. And while we may struggle to know our next steps, God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

“I encourage you tonight, don’t give up; don’t quit. God always has a plan. From brokenness in our own lives, God reveals restoration.”

Jeremiah purchased the land, and God proved himself faithful.

Green asked, “Will you risk everything for the sake of Christ?”

What do you believe God can do?

“You need to be certain that nothing is too hard for God,” Green said. “The church needs to remember nothing is too hard for God. The SBC needs to remember that nothing is too hard for God. Florida Baptists must be unified because nothing is too hard for God.”

Saying “I am the Lord,” God gave Jeremiah a mission, Green said.

He reminded Florida Baptists that God has given them a mission too. Two years ago, Florida Baptists embraced “Challenge 2025” that set statewide goals in church planting, church revitalization, baptisms, mission engagements and giving through the Cooperative Program and Maguire State Mission Offering.

Just as in Jeremiah’s time, the mission came during a time of chaos and uncertainty. “God knew there would be a pandemic, social upheaval and political issues,” Green said.

Yet, God has been faithful to the work done by Florida Baptists as many of the goals have been met, he said. “The greatest days are ahead for Florida Baptists as we work together.”

What is God leading you to do?

Asking for transparency, Green said, “We all have experienced times that we wanted to give up because we are given out! We all have quietly thought about quitting! This is my last Sunday… not appreciated, not recognized, not valued, not respected….

“Many in ministry struggle with profound depression; their public and private persona are profoundly different. We have silently struggled and honestly do not want to hear about how God is blessing you,” he said.

He reminded them, “You are here tonight as a trophy of God’s grace, mercy and love through Jesus Christ our Lord. You are a testimony of how God turned ashes into beauty for His glory.

“Buy the land,” he urged. “God was revealing His faithfulness for the future. Buy the land signals that God has not forgotten, forfeited or forsaken His people.

“Kingdom ministry is multicultural, multiethnic, multi-diversity, multigenerational, multilingual and multi-locational. Yet nothing is too hard for God. From a prison cell, Jeremiah heard the Lord and put his ‘yes’ on the table.”

What hinders you from responding to God?

“What hinders you?” Green asked, “Fear, uncertainty, doubts, unknowns, unseen others, resources, failure, unworthiness, criticism, pride and ego—all these things keep us from responding to God.”

He announced the Florida Baptist Convention has created a prayer line for Florida Baptists to share their needs, fears, doubts and joys. It is now online at

“Tonight, I’m asking you to join us and say, ‘I believe. I will sign a commitment to prayer for the Florida Baptist family.’

“As I look at this room, I see a family. A family that needs each other, whose lives are knitted together in the state of Florida, who are not seeking to malign, marginalize or misrepresent others.

“A family tied together as one through the gospel of Jesus Christ, ‘Blest be the tie that binds,’ who are laser focused on reaching 21.6 million Floridians and beyond for Christ.

“God sees what you cannot see; God knows what you do not know. God has a strong word for Florida Baptists, ‘Is there anything too hard for me?’

“Buy the land. Buy the land.”

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