Church Records Retention: Keep These Permanently

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The following suggested retention period (permanently) is based on legal requirements as well as practical considerations:

  • Accident reports and claims
  • Annual budgets
  • Annual report
  • Audit reports
  • Bank statements
  • Baptismal records
  • Board minutes
  • By-Laws/charters
  • Cancelled checks for important items
  • Capital stock and bond records
  • Cemetery records
  • Chart of accounts
  • Church bulletin (historical copy)
  • Constitution
  • Contracts and leases (current)
  • Construction records
  • Correspondence of a legal nature and other important matters
  • Deeds, mortgages, and bills of sale
  • Employee’s personnel file (application, interview form/notes, references, background checks)
  • Employer identification numbers (Federal and state)
  • Financial and employee benefit policies
  • Financial reviews
  • Financial statements (end of year, other months optional)
  • Fixed asset purchases
  • Funeral records
  • General ledger books
  • Government correspondence
  • Handbooks
  • Incorporation records
  • Inherited property valuations
  • Insurance records, claims, and policies
  • Journals
  • Marriage records
  • Minutes
  • Mortgages
  • Non-profit status determination letter 501(c)(3)
  • Patents
  • Photographs
  • Property records
  • Retirement plan document 403(b)
  • Trade mark registrations

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