New building equips Florida Baptists for 21st Century

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A word from Dr. Green . . .

We have completed our transition to our new location and building. The address is 6850 Belfort Oaks Place in Jacksonville. This facility belongs to Florida Baptists and we invite you to utilize the building for your ministry needs. It would be our privilege to host ministry teams for staff retreats and other ministry possibilities. The 28,500 square foot building was purchased for $2.3 million. The cost per square foot is $80.70. God has blessed and provided in a beautiful way a new building for the 21st century.

We will be closing the sale of the Hendricks Avenue property in the month of May. The zoning process is near completion and we will finish the sale as soon as possible. We will give 51 percent of the sale proceeds to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. The remaining 49 percent will cover the purchase of the new building and endow the John Sullivan Chair of Baptist History at the Baptist College of Florida. The process of the sale and purchase has been a miraculous process upon which God’s Hand has truly guided.

Our prayer is that through the quality space of the new building, we will continue to provide excellent support, partnership and encouragement to the churches of the Florida Baptist Convention. The administrative personnel who serve us are extremely capable and servant-minded individuals. Their labor of love for the Kingdom enables us to respond ‘Right Beside You’ to our churches.

The greatest days are ahead for the Florida Baptist Convention. Thank you Florida Baptists for the incredible privilege of serving you!

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