Let us go into the house of the Lord

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Pictured Above: Pastor Brooks Braswell, FBC Umatilla recording a sunrise service supported by church’s technical team.

Florida Baptist Pastors and Churches have responded in an incredible manner during this pandemic. Our churches shifted within a matter of days to a new paradigm of ministry that honored the guidelines established to mitigate COVID-19. The decision to deliver ministry through technology has been blessed by the Lord. Our churches are reporting increased engagement of individuals through this platform of ministry. God is faithful to His church in all seasons of ministry and pastors and churches have trusted in the Lord.

Our churches are making decisions concerning regathering in the days ahead. Pastors and church leadership are praying and preparing for the right time for a measured transition of reopening the church. The decisions throughout this time of social distancing have been difficult and challenging. I urge you to pray for your pastor and leadership as they sense the direction of the Lord for the right time to return.

The Psalmist declares, “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’” (Psalm 122:1) I have a deep desire to gather again with the people of Lord in the house of the Lord. May we pray that individuals that have been joining our services through technology will join us in church. May we pray that the Lord will use this experience to bring a revival among His people. May we pray that the ministry of the church will be greater in the days ahead in our communities and cities. May we pray for the continued unity and fellowship of churches experienced through this season.

I am thankful for the phenomenal response of Florida Baptist churches and we look forward to greater things in the Lord.


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  1. Ed Johnson says

    Thanks Tommy. You have given awesome leadership during this pandemic.

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