Hurricane Michael – how can you help?

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**UPDATE** Check back here next week to find out how you can come right beside churches in need in the Florida Panhandle in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.


Florida Baptists are in the midst of a catastrophe. But we are helping people and making much of Jesus in the aftermath of the storm.  Many around the state are asking how they can help so we want to let you know the relief efforts being taken and what else you can do to support those efforts. You can be a part – here’s how.

How can I help? In the next couple of days we’re preparing and coordinating with other organizations. Everyone can pray and we hope many will give to this effort. is the easiest way.

Can I volunteer? If you’re fully trained, yes. Please standby for additional info that you’ll receive. Not trained? Your church can send groups:

What if I’m not trained? Unfortunately only trained volunteers can be in this area. However, consider getting a group from your church: Want to train for next time?

How do I give? This is going to be a long-term cleanup. We need your help:

What are Florida Baptists doing? 2 of our mobile kitchens are in the process of mobilization and setup. One of them is at Thomasville Road Baptist Church in Tallahassee. It should be serving hot meals by Saturday. Our second mobile kitchen is targeted to head in to Panama City today. Our leadership team and regional catalysts have been making contact with pastors to assess their needs. Site visits will begin as soon as the search and rescue phase of recovery is over. Please pray and follow our social media, and give if you feel led.

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, October 12, 2018

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