WMM Women’s Spring Retreat – Here are the highlights!

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Women from all over the state gathered at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center on April 20-21 for Women’s Missions and Ministry’s (WMM) Women’s Spring Retreat under the theme ‘Embrace’. Here are the highlights!


Courtney Jo Veasey was the speaker and challenged the women to embrace God.


Kaye Hurta led the ladies in worship.


Three generations of women shared their faith journies. Carol Vandeventer, Mary Beth Gervais and Aarika Deerey embraced their stories of God’s faithfulness to them and blessed the women.


There were many different breakout sessions for attendees to choose from, including:

  • Aarika Deerey & Brooklyn Hancock – Embracing the Unknown: Even When You Can’t see Beyond Today
  • Karla Rossi-Gonzalez – How to teach the Bible with passion
  • Mary Beth Gervais – Redeeming Private Devotion
  • Katrina Sellers – Embracing Spiritual Disciplines
  • Marilyn Kirkpatrick – How to begin reading your bible every day
  • Virginia Hansen – Using 3 circles to share your faith
  • Eleanor Witcher – Intercessory Prayer
  • Unidentified Missionary – sharing what God is doing in her part of the world


Breakout session leader Teresa Bass talked to the ladies about knowing and believing God.


The ministers’ wives in attendance had a special place where they could make new connections, bless and pray for one another.


Prayer warriors came in to pray for requests that had been shared.


Brooklyn Hancock, director of Camp WorldLight, encouraged the ladies to support campers and the camp through prayer, donations and service.


WMM/ME president Irma Moss closed the event in prayer.

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