Maguire State Mission Offering

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There is no doubt we are living through a challenging season. Churches know firsthand what it feels like to shift and adapt ministry plans. These same challenges and more exist for church plants across the state of Florida. Your church makes a Gospel difference when it gives to the Maguire State Mission Offering. This offering is dedicated 100% to support church planting in our state.

Will you help new church plants with gifts to the Maguire State Mission Offering?

VIDEO STORIES – Maguire State Mission Offering

General Promotion Video

with Spanish Subtitles or with Haitian Creole Subtitles

(Additional emphasis videos for the week of prayer are available below.)

 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Promotional Materials are available.

Planning Guide


Prayer Guide

Why? Because 75% of Florida’s 21 million population—15 million—do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

 State Goal: $700,000

  • 100 percent of the State Mission Offering will be earmarked for church planting.
  • No funds are allocated for administration or  promotion

Week of Prayer: Sept 13-20, 2020

Maguire State Mission Offering Resources

Planning Guide
Download Now

Poster – English
Download Now

Maguire State Mission Offering, Prayer Guide

Prayer Guide
Download Now

Day 1 - The Next Generation of Church Planting

Day 1 Video
Download Now

DAY 2 - Churches Working Together

Day 2 Video
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DAY 3 - Pipeline of Planters

Day 3 Video
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DAY 4 - A Place to Call Home

Day 4 Video
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Day 5 - The Next Season of Ministry

Day 5 Video
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DAY 6 - Meeting Needs in Unique Ways

Day 6 Video
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DAY 7 - Not Going Alone

Day 7 Video
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