Florida Baptists encouraged to evaluate Christian walk for 2020

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Happy New Year! 2020 marks the turning of the calendar to another year and the beginning of a new decade. We are reminded with this new year of the opportunity for new beginnings in all of our lives. We reflect back on 2019 or even the past decade of personal resolutions kept and broken. We look back over the past with fulfillment and regrets. The beginning of a new year stirs us to look forward to what we can do with the help of the Lord.

I encourage each of us to evaluate our walk with Christ and to consider ways to increase in our devotion and service to the Lord. I would offer these suggestions for evaluation in our lives:

Devotion in Daily Scripture Reading
Devotion in Scripture Memorization
Devotion in Dedicated Bible Study
Devotion in Prayer and Fasting
Devotion in Praise and Worship to the Lord

Service in Stewardship through Witnessing
Service in Stewardship in Tithes and Offerings
Service in Stewardship of Serving in Local Church Ministry
Service in Stewardship of Serving through Local and Global Mission
Service in Stewardship to Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Others

A deeper devotion to Christ leads us to higher service in His glorious Name. I pray that 2020 will be a year of increased devotion and unprecedented service to Christ for Florida Baptists! Happy New Year!

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