FBC Milligan not Deterred by Church Fire

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The Florida Panhandle has experienced many extreme weather conditions this past year. Nine months following the Category 5 hurricane that made landfall in Panama City, another low pressure system developed in the Gulf of Mexico which led to severe weather in the panhandle. This weather system produced lightning, striking First Baptist Church of Milligan, and setting fire to their building on July 9.

First Baptist Milligan has been located on the same property since the 1950s. Although the church is small it is made up of loyal members who are not letting this loss steal their spirits. Members of the church have opened their homes to host Wednesday night discipleship, and their first Wednesday night meeting was held in a member’s garage. First Baptist Church of Baker has also offered to let the Milligan congregation use their facilities, so they were able to meet Sunday in First Baker’s fellowship hall.

Pastor Charles Smith is thankful that no one was in the building or injured due to the fire. “I left a little earlier than I usually would and that was the Lord working, in my opinion,” commented Pastor Smith.  We can all give thanks for the Lord’s protection.

While FBC Milligan is not letting this fire deter their faith in God’s plan, we know that the road ahead to rebuilding the damaged property will be long. As a body of believers, we can rally around this small congregation and show our love and support by praying that they would not lose heart in this difficult season.

If you would like to help financially, you may write a check payable to First Baptist Church Milligan and mail to:  First Baptist Church Milligan, c/o Rev. Charles Smith, 1912 Wadsworth Road, Baker, FL 32531.

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