Elevate Church’s mass baptism event declares message of hope in end times

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MIAMI LAKES – In a public display of faith and unity, 41 individuals were baptized in a mass baptism event held at a busy intersection in Miami Lakes. The event was organized by Elevate Church, with a Sunday message focusing on the end times.

Elevate Baptisms
Pastor Louis Egipciaco baptizes a young woman during mass baptism event.

Pastor Louis Egipciaco delivered a sermon during the event, emphasizing the urgency of the times and the importance of salvation. “The harvest is plentiful, and we are living in the end of times. You’re not here just to watch the baptisms, but to hear the saving truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Egipciaco.

He added, “Today is the day of salvation; tomorrow is not guaranteed.”

The baptisms took place in specially arranged baptisteries set up in front of the church, situated at a major intersection. This unique location ensured that the event was visible to a wide range of passersby, from pedestrians to motorists. The baptisms were led by pastor Egipciaco and executive pastor Daniel Rodriguez, who guided each individual through the symbolic act of faith.

Today is the day of salvation; tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Louis Egipciaco Pastor, Elevate Church, Miami

Personal stories

Among the individuals baptized, stories of transformation and dedication to their faith were evident. Valentina, who had been attending the church for just a month, took the step of baptism, while Robert, a member since 2018, reaffirmed his commitment. Seventeen-year-old Adrian, who recently found his faith, was baptized alongside Jesus, a newer attendee.

Vanessa, along with her family of four, were baptized together, symbolizing their collective dedication to Christ. Rosalyn’s resounding Yes to accepting Christ echoed through the event, as did Yesenia’s story of five years of church attendance before accepting Christ – an event that her husband Carlos and her mother Odalys also marked with their baptisms.

Elevate Baptisms
Young woman emerges from baptisms waters.

The event attracted a diverse group of individuals, all with their unique journeys of faith. From attendees like Jesus, who had been part of the church for two years, to newcomers like Karla, who had been attending for just over two months, each baptism held a special significance.

Michelle, who had been coming to the church consistently for the past four months, shared her commitment through baptism, revealing that she had been on and off in her Christian commitment for a couple of years but was now fully dedicated. Danimaris, having been part of the church for five months, took the step as well, showcasing the impact the church had on her life in a short time.

Witness of faith to community

The event’s impact was palpable not only within the congregation but also in the community. The decision to hold the baptisms outside and in a highly visible location allowed the event to serve as a witness of faith to all who passed by. Firefighters passing by honked their horns in support, while others paused to witness the display of faith.

Elevate Baptisms
Friends and family cheer for those being baptized.

The event concluded with an invitation for those who had prayed to accept Christ to consider baptism and an announcement of another mass baptism in two months. The church’s commitment to fostering strong spiritual foundations is evident in its structured approach; the gospel is presented every Sunday, and new believers are guided through a class to understand the significance of baptism.

By choosing to perform baptisms in the community, Elevate Church aims to share Christ’s message of hope and transformation with everyone in the vicinity. The visible act of baptism serves as a testament to the life-changing impact of faith, inspiring those who see it to consider their own spiritual journeys, church leaders believe.

“Elevate Church is a Miami church, through the leadership of its lead pastor Louis Egipciaco, that has a passion in reaching the lost,” said Al Fernandez, Southeast region catalyst for the Florida Baptist Convention. “Evangelism is reflected in all they do and is evident by the number of people who come to faith and are baptized year after year.”

As the sun set on this day of baptisms, the community of Elevate Church stood united, declaring their commitment to Christ and embracing the teachings of the gospel in a world that, as Egipciaco said, “is living in the end of times.”

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