Pine Terrace Baptist celebrates 30 years with pastor

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The Pine Terrace Baptist Church family celebrated their 30th anniversary with Dr. Michael Wiggins, better known to them as Brother Mike, as their pastor.

The 30th anniversary is certainly a special one given that average pastoral tenure in recent times is between three and four years according to Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources.

Bobby Jordan, member at Pine Terrace, was on the pulpit committee 30 years ago when the church was in search of a new pastor. Even though Wiggins discouraged Jordan and the rest of the church committee from coming to see him preach, they still went.

“We liked what we heard and we called brother Mike to be our pastor in 1987,” said Jordan.

Pastor Wiggins is clearly loved by his Pine Terrace family as several families expressed, on video, how special he is to them.

“We are so blessed to have him available by phone call or to stop by or wherever you just run into him. That’s how brother Mike is; he’s there and his door is always open,” said Amy Gambrell, member at Pine Terrace.

Amy Ledet appreciates the way Wiggins is all about family, “and football, roll tide,” interjects her husband Greg.

Lindi Hardy was led to Christ by Wiggins at a New Song concert and her husband Robbi is thankful for Wiggins truthful preaching and leadership.

“We appreciate his time, his love, his prayers. He has poured into our family and into our children…Brother Mike exemplifies someone who is constant and steady,” said Jason and Meredith Powers, another church family.

Chayce Wiggins, son of pastor Wiggins, also congratulated his dad and the church saying he was thankful for his dad’s example and for the Pine Terrace church family’s love and prayers.

Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, president of the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, also joined in the congratulatory parade saying he “can’t think of a better marriage between a pastor and a church than what you have the privilege of experiencing.”

From all Florida Baptists: Congratulations to Pastor Wiggins and the Pine Terrace church family!

By Keila Diaz, Florida Baptist Convention, December 18, 2017

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