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Florida Baptist News

Fastest-growing, largest churches: Who made the list?

Thirty-four Southern Baptist congregations, including three Florida Baptist churches, were are among the fastest growing and largest evangelical churches in the latest Outreach 100…

Florida Baptists grieve and respond to Dorian’s devastating blow in Bahamas

The utter destruction Hurricane Dorian wreaked on his homeland in the Bahamas is “too much to wrap my head around,” said Jacksonville pastor Kenny Roberts. “I have watched a lot of…

Florida Baptist Disaster Relief scales back but remains alert

Florida Baptist Disaster Relief has stepped back into alert status as Hurricane Dorian moves away from Florida and north through the Atlantic.

After destroying Bahamas, Dorian threatens the state as FBDR stands ready to respond

As Hurricane Dorian hovers along the east coast of Florida, battering the region with tropical storm-force winds and dangerous storm surges, Florida Baptist Disaster Relief and…