Looking for work, Venezuelan refugee finds hope in God’s Word

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Fernando* felt like a failure. For a month-and-a-half he had been looking for work in Colombia, where he didn’t know anyone. He longed to hold his wife and daughter again, but he couldn’t return to Venezuela without a solution.

He and his wife had agreed: if they wanted a better future for their daughter, he needed to go. Although Fernando had maintained a good job in Venezuela, the country’s growing instability — poor schooling, a lack of basic medicine and food, and a political crisis — compelled him to try to build a life in another land.

Fernando rented a room in Bogotá and began looking for work. Instead he found rejection.

Then a friend of a Christian former coworker invited him to her church, The Pathway Christian Community.

Fernando* takes a photo of himself in Bogotá, Colombia. He moved there from Venezuela to find work and a more stable life for his wife and daughter. (IMB Photo)

“I told myself, ‘I don’t have anything to lose,’ so I went,” he said. “I felt such a strange feeling … of brotherhood and fellowship. They made me feel so at home [and] … like this was my family. And they didn’t even know me.

“I returned to my little room full of hope. … I realized in spite of being so far from my family, I wasn’t alone,” he said.

Fernando grew up Catholic, but he had never opened a Bible. Now he wanted to know more about God.

“I give the Lord thanks for putting me through trials and difficulties … so I could know Him,” he said. “I realized I have always needed Him. I just didn’t know it.”

* Pray that Fernando’s wife and daughter, who are now reunited with him in Colombia, will also know Jesus.

* Pray Fernando finds work.

* Pray that the churches in Colombia who support Venezuelan refugees will continue to seize this opportunity to be salt and light to the lost.

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*Name changed

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By Staff, International Mission Board, July 17, 2018

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