Green: ‘Trust in the Lord’ during unprecedented days

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JACKSONVILLE–Noting that churches are in uncharted territory caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Tommy Green reassured Florida Baptists by recalling Psalm 3:3 which “declares that thou O Lord are my shield, my glory and the lifter of my head.”

“I’m grateful in these unprecedented days that we can trust in the Lord,” said Green, executive director-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention. “He gives us peace, and He gives us hope.”

Green expressed his gratitude “for Florida Baptist churches ministering in such a powerful way in their communities” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet he acknowledged that in these “unprecedented days,” Florida Baptist churches have been making “very difficult decision as to how you will move forward, how you will gather, how you distribute the very ministry of the church whether it be through social media or other platforms.”

“Know that we support you in what you’re doing and pray God will use this moment to launch a movement in ministry in our communities unlike we have ever seen before for His honor and His glory.”

Green outlined several responses the Convention will take during the health crisis:

–suspend all Convention-planned events and gatherings through April;

— establish weekly zoom calls to connect pastors for prayer, discussion and encouragement of one another as developed by regional catalysts and ministry-focused catalysts;

–place a two-month moratorium for April and May on all loan payments administered directly by the Convention; and

–provide interest-free loans to help churches experiencing financial difficulty to meet immediate financial commitments.

Green urged Florida Baptist congregations to give generously to their churches during this season.

“Even though your church may not be meeting physically, the ministry of the church continues forward,” he said. “I encourage you to allow God to reach into your heart, your resources and with great generosity respond to these challenging days.”

Green pledged that the Florida Baptist Convention will “continue to be ‘right beside you’ because we know indeed the Lord, He is our shield, He is the one who will lift our heads during this time. Everything will be for his honor and His glory alone.”

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