Disaster Relief Monitors; Prepares for Dorian

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Florida Baptist Disaster Relief is currently monitoring tropical storm Dorian as it becomes a growing hurricane threat to the Sunshine state.

“Florida Baptist Disaster Relief continues to monitor Hurricane Dorian and its impact on U.S. Virgin Islands and pending impact on the mainland,” said Delton Beall, Disaster Relief state director.

The path of Dorian remains uncertain, according to Florida Division of Emergency Management, and could impact any county along Florida’s east coast. Disaster Relief has begun initial response procedures with two field kitchens on standby, identification of possible locations for set up and volunteer team rosters.

On Wednesday, the storm moved through the U.S. Virgin Islands while bypassing Hispaniola and Puerto Rico.  “We have communicated with key leaders and pastors,” wrote Beall in a report Thursday. “Power has been off and they are under dusk to dawn curfew.”

Beall asks volunteers to be ready with credentials and all other items on hand should they be called out, but should also be keeping themselves safe. “Let me ask you to make sure that you are making plans for your own provisions and safety. Also, make sure you have your DR badges and other items on hand.”

The National Hurricane Center expects an increasing risk of storm surge and hurricane-force winds all along the Florida east coast.

Residents in Dorian’s potential area of impact should:

  • Plan now for your response to any potential disaster impacts
  • Build an emergency kit for you and your family
  • Determine your evacuation plan
  • Make copies of important papers/insurance policies and keep them in a secure place
  • Be informed.Listen and note daily weather updates (even during ‘Sunny” days)
  • Make sure your Disaster Relief “go box” has all your credentials and necessary items in one place

For updates on Florida Baptist Disaster Relief response visit us at facebook.com/FLBaptistDR and flbaptist.org/dr-current-response.

The Disaster Relief Ministry allows Florida Baptists to act immediately and effectively as Jesus did to help people. Disaster Relief volunteers assist all people in crisis regardless of ethnic background or religious beliefs.

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  1. barbara e cowel says

    We live in Winter Haven and are members of Calvary Baptist. If you are going to want items to send to the people in the Dorian storm I would like to help. Our church sent supplies two years ago to North Florida.

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