Challenge 2025 – Practical Ways to Engage in Next Generation Ministries

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Dr. Tommy Green, executive director-treasurer for the Florida Baptist Convention, shared a vision for the year 2025 at Florida Baptist Convention Annual meeting last November. (Check it out here.) The vision for 2025 consists of Florida Baptist Churches to:

Here are a few ways that kid, student and college ministries can be involved in this challenge:

  • Church planting and revitalization

Our future pastors and church leaders are in the next generation ministry areas. Continually keep the vision in front of them by sharing that God may call them. Encourage them by sharing the Biblical examples of those God calls to ministry and to have a willing heart to say, “Here I am, send me.” (Isaiah 6:8)

  • Baptism

Study after study indicates that the ministry areas of those under the age of 25 produce the most salvations. Make sure that those in kid, student and college ministries are always welcome to speak to someone about salvation.

  • Mission engagements

Next gen ministries are leading the way when it comes to mission engagements. From mission trips to local service projects, young people are sharing the Gospel. Continue to educate them on mission. From small group Bible studies to worship gatherings, continually challenge them to be on mission for the Gospel. Check out and

  • Stewardship

It is never too early to teach someone about missions giving. It is a Biblical stewardship issue. Encourage kids and students to be on mission through tithing and sacrifice to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Kid, student and college ministries are leading the way in the elements of this challenge. I would love to hear how you are currently helping Florida Baptists reach the Challenge 2025 goals. Email me at and let me know your plans.

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