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The Florida Baptist Convention exist to support local churches as they proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.


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Your Florida Baptist Ministry Team

Tommy Green
Tommy GreenExecutive Director-Treasurer
Micah Ferguson
Micah FergusonStrategic Initiatives
Barbara Denman
Barbara DenmanCommunications
Glen Owens
Glen OwensRegional Catalyst - Northeast
Al Fernandez
Al FernandezRegional Catalyst - Southeast
Jeffery Singletary
Jeffery SingletaryRegional Catalyst - Central
Lewis Miller
Lewis MillerRegional Catalyst - West
Wayne Briant
Wayne BriantRegional Catalyst - Southwest
Emanuel Roque
Emanuel RoqueMulticultural/Leadership Catalyst
Deris Coto
Deris CotoHispanic Church Catalyst
John Voltaire
John VoltaireHaitian Church Consultant
Patrick Coats
Patrick CoatsBlack Multicultural Church Consultant
Terry Williams
Terry WilliamsMusic/Worship Consultant
Billy Young
Billy YoungNext Generation Ministries - Lead Catalyst
Lance Beauchamp
Lance BeauchampBCM - Tallahassee Area
Barry Sproles
Barry SprolesBCM - Jacksonville Area
Brad Crawford
Brad CrawfordBCM - Orlando Area
Eddie Gilley
Eddie GilleyBCM - Gainesville Area
Matt Wofford
Matt WoffordBCM - Miami Area
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul AgarwalBCM - Tampa Area
Tony Olesky
Tony OleskyBCM - Pensacola Area
Craig Culbreth
Craig CulbrethMissions and Ministries - Lead Catalyst
Marc Johnston
Marc JohnstonChurch and Community
Misael Castillo
Misael CastilloMigrant Ministries
Delton Beall
Delton BeallDisaster Relief
Cindy Bradley
Cindy BradleyWomen's Missions & Ministry/Missions Education
Steve Baumgardner
Steve BaumgardnerSupport Services
Charles Staton
Charles StatonAccounting
Gary Townsend
Gary TownsendChurch Staff Benefits/Stewardship
Don Sawyer
Don SawyerLake Yale Baptist Conference Center
Lonnie Wright
Lonnie WrightInformation Support Services