When a person has a CLEAR heart, a clear conscience, able to see clearly, he or she is also much better able to HEAR God, to join Him.  That is part of a walk of ever drawing NEAR, living near, walking with the Lord day by day, moment by moment.  That, in turn, leads one to be more of what God wants HERE, where He has placed each person, in place on purpose in our walk and our witness.  With that, one must walk in the FEAR of God day by day.  That heart attitude informs, governs, and guides our worship and gives us wisdom each day.

Downloads available below:

CLEAR The Essentials of a Cleansed Heart, a Clear Conscience, and a Consistent Walk

HEAR!  Hearing the Voice of God.  Following the Word of God.  Experiencing the Will of God.

NEAR. HEAR.  God Comes Near.  We Draw Near to God.  |  “I am with you.”  Practicing the Presence of God.

FEAR!  Rediscovering the Fear of God…  The Foundation of Worship and the Beginning of Wisdom.  The Way to a Right Heart and Right Relationships