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National WMU has made available to each state some free resources that could be helpful to churches during this time and beyond.

1. Your Pain is Changing You* PDF book by David Crosby. This was the emphasis book for WMU’s emphasis on PTSD about 3-4 years ago.

Your Pain Is Changing You does not attempt to answer the question of why we suffer but rather provides the how to persevere. David Crosby’s true-life stories lead readers deep into suffering and deeper into their own theological perspective. In reading about the suffering of others, men and women will soon find their interest in the stories has led them to empowering God-based truths. Truths that enable them to take charge of their response to pain, dramatically change their quality of life, as well as positively impact those around them. We cannot choose whether sorrow will interrupt us. We can choose our response, our character, and share that victory with others.

As interesting as his writing, compassionate pastor and former reporter David Crosby has counseled countless individuals through a myriad of suffering including one of the nation’s most horrific natural disasters. When he was pastor of the First Baptist Church New Orleans, he was there for the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. More recently, he endured the suffering associated with a life-threatening ordeal impacting his grandson and the roller coaster ride the family took until he recovered.

Your Pain is Changing You April 2020 interview with David Crosby video

Your Pain Is Changing You, David Crosby. Copyright (c) 2014 by David Crosby. Published by New Hope Publishers, an imprint of Iron Stream Media. Used with permission.

2. Trading Up: Bible Stories that Move Us from Pain to Peace PDF Bible studies and study/leaders guide.

What is Trading Up: Bible Stories that Move Us from Pain to Peace? This resource was developed to be used with PTSD sufferers. It includes 11 Bible stories and one personal story with strategic questions that offer hope and healing for PTSD sufferers. Use these Bible stories in sequence to address the issue of PSTD, moving from one story to the next with the people you are serving.

Who Is It For?
i.This story set is designed to be used with a small group of members who has experienced trauma first hand;
ii. Family or friends of trauma victims’
iii. Care teams who want to minister to those who have experienced trauma.
iv. Tailor the story set to your target audience, as there is a diverse range of groups this could be used with.

3. May PDF issue of Missions Mosaic.

Each issue of Missions Mosaic equips you with a Bible study, prayer starter, ministry ideas and evangelism tools. For your children, you’ll find family missions tips to involve them in ministry. And every issue includes Prayer Patterns — daily devotions followed by a daily listing of missionaries having birthdays that month. Be inspired by true stories of people who are transforming their communities for Christ.

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