Connecting with college students during COVID-19

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The week of March 9th college students’ lives were changed in a dramatic way. Classes were moved online, they were told to go home, they are living with their parents again.

They need their local church to serve them.

The reality is they were sent home by their universities and now online worship gatherings are the norm, which means their local church may not even know they are there. Spend some time looking through the last 4-5 years of your graduates to see what college students may be home.

How can their local church serve them during this time?

  • Reach out to them. Call, text, direct message them on social media. Let them know that you care for them.
  • Start a virtual group with those from your church that are now home. College students are very social, and they have time on their hands.
  • Engage them in ministry. College students want to be involved. Find a way to use them in a meaningful way your church.

College students were the first ones to have their daily rhythms altered during the COVID-19 pandemic. They need their local church. Connect with them.

By the Florida Baptist Convention BCM Team

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