Building a Kid’s Leadership Team

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Building a Kids Leadership team is a key ingredient to building a Kids Ministry that brings children to a relationship with Christ and stands beside their parents as they disciple their children. Building a strong team also plays a vital role in the safety of the children while they are in our care. So how do we do recruit the best leaders and provide a remarkable experience for the kids?  As Kids leaders, we know that listing the needs in a bulletin or from the platform are not the most effective ways to accomplish this task. Let’s consider 5 ways to have leaders running to join your team!

Make Your Ministry a REMARKABLE Experience 

Leaders will flock to an exciting experience. Think of companies that go out of their way to impress their customers. Disney, Chick-Fil-A, Target to name a few. Your ministry can be remarkable on a small budget. Think of ways to go over and beyond on a Sunday morning.  You may add fun kid’s background music in your hallways. Use bright and cheery decor. Think of inexpensive “SWAG” the kids could take home that drives home the lesson of the day. Anything that is out of the ordinary!  Use social media to create excitement!  We have all heard the saying “no one wants to join a sinking ship.”  Potential Leaders will be the same.  They will want to join a remarkable experience.

Build a Strong Biblical Foundation

As you train leaders and the kids in your ministry, have a consistent “go to” way that you will study every lesson. In our ministry we use the 4 W’s. After every lesson on Sunday mornings, Wednesday Nights, after school Bible studies, or VBS, we ask the kids to consider the 4 W’sWhy did God include this in the Bible, Where is Christ in this story, What can I do with this story in my life and Who can I tell and why?  The discussions that come from these simple questions will be very rich. It is easy for leaders to catch on and lead these discussions. Soon, the kids will start to lead the discussion on their own. It has been a great addition to our kids small groups.

Recruit Continually

As a Kids Pastor/Director, our job is to be continually recruiting. Everyone you meet is a potential member of your team. As you meet people, learn about their life, gifts, and passions. Chances are, there is a place for them in the Kids Ministry.  Get everyone on board, even if they start out with a very minimal task. Adding to the team will help create excitement! Get creative and use the gifts potential leaders possess.  You will find that they may start in one position and grow into a position that you had not considered for them.

Prepare and Train Leaders for the Role

Start your potential leaders with a “Test Drive” Sunday. Match them up with a seasoned leader to try out the ministry before they commit. Use this time to convey the ministry’s vision and see how a typical day runs. Try to provide them with the resources they will need so they can come in with minimal preparation.  Think of leaders that may be available during the week and may only want to serve behind the scenes to help with curriculum and supply preparation.

Evaluate Regularly 

After every Sunday, there is a lesson to be learned. As you develop your strongest leaders, take time to have a conversation each week on what could have made that day run smoother. Celebrate wins together and share how the Gospel was presented that week. Take these conversations and communicate them with your team. As your team builds, they will begin to understand expectations and begin to lead newer members of your team.

Every ministry, no matter what size can use these steps to build a strong team. To begin, find a few leaders to start the process. Give leaders a time frame so they feel like they have a way to step out at some point if they need to. Our goal as Kids Leaders is to help others develop the passion to lead the Next Generation to Christ!

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    Does FBC do any “children’s leadership” training or retreats, etc?

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