Brumback: Clarity in a world of insanity found only in Jesus

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LUTZ, FLORIDA — In a stirring convention sermon, Pastor Alan Brumback conveyed a powerful message to Florida Baptists, emphasizing the importance of believers focusing on Jesus to discover their true gospel identity and priorities. This clarity, he insisted, is vital in these times of widespread confusion and moral uncertainty.

Delivering his sermon in Tuesday morning’s session of the 2023 Florida Baptist State Convention themed Manifest: Kingdom Clarity Amidst Cultural Chaos, Brumback drew from Colossians 3:1-4 to structure his two-point message.

“Clarity comes from being rooted and grounded in our gospel identity.” The lead pastor of First Naples passionately explained, “Our gospel identity is not just a part of our lives; it’s the bedrock. You are in Christ, and Christ is in you, shaping every aspect of your existence.”

Brumback elaborated on the profound union believers share with Christ. This union signifies that believers have metaphorically died with Jesus, been resurrected with Him, and are now intricately hidden in Him. “This isn’t about good deeds defining your Christianity. It’s about being in Christ. When you were saved, you embraced Jesus, and now, God sees you as He sees Christ,” he explained.

The pastor then shifted to his second point on clarity, which he described as a byproduct of setting one’s heart on gospel priorities. “How do we do that?” he asked. “By anchoring our affections in Jesus.” He outlined practical ways to achieve this, emphasizing the role of prayer, Bible study, worship and fellowship.

These practices, he noted, are critical in nurturing a deeper love and connection with the Savior. Brumback urged the congregation to look inward and remove any distractions that hinder their relationship with Jesus. “Ask yourself, is anything in your life, anything that’s keeping you from Jesus, truly better than Him? Did it sacrifice itself for you as He did on the cross?”

“Nothing is greater than Jesus. He is the page in which all other priorities are written,” he said.

He metaphorically compared earthly life to a temporary stay in a hotel, highlighting the transient nature of our earthly existence. “We are here only for a short while, and it would be insanity to treat this world as our permanent home,” Brumback cautioned.

In his concluding remarks, Pastor Brumback left the audience with a thought-provoking reminder: “When you check out of this earthly realm, the only aspect that will truly matter is your identity in Christ. That is the ultimate priority and the core of our gospel identity.”

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