West Region Associational Leaders Retire

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Pictured above: Members of Chipola Baptist Association gathered to celebrate Coba Beasley’s service as AMS for 20 years. He retired in January 2024.

As a new year begins, two West region associational mission strategists are looking forward to something new: Retirement.

Kent Lampp, who served in Holmes Baptist Association for eight years, and Coba Beasley, who served 20 years in Chipola Baptist Association, are learning the joys of well-earned retirement.

“The role of AMS is impactful as we stand as leaders for the church pastors, as we are diligent to pray for those in our association and as we encourage revival, outreach and missions,” said Beasley, who will officially retire Jan. 23.

Associations bring unity among churches and communities to accomplish more than one church standing alone. The role of an association is to help where needed, with resources to include training, finances, wisdom and insight as well as manpower when needed for missions and events.

“Coba is someone who thinks outside of the box and is humorously known as ‘Mr. Wheeler and Dealer’ when it comes to taking care of business,” said Grady Gambill, member, Eastside Baptist Church in Marianna and Chipola Baptist Association treasurer. “He is an extremely talented and gifted individual who recognizes God’s directions, help and blessings upon his life. Through the help of so many local workers/volunteers, churches, pastors, and the support of the Florida Baptist Convention, great things for the kingdom of God have been accomplished over the past 20 years.”

Kent Lampp and his wife Esther. Kent served as Holmes Baptist Association AMS for 8 years.

Under Beasley’s leadership, Chipola Association has ministered not just to pastors and churches, but also has provided support locally for One More Child’s pregnancy center, women’s abuse shelter, Christian counseling ministry, and created Chipola Family Ministries, which is a foodbank, thrift store and community service center.

Within the association, the associational mission strategist becomes a confidante to the pastors in his care. Daniel Smith, pastor, West Pittman Baptist Church in Westville, stated, “Kent is always willing with a listening ear and a trusted friend that I am thankful to have. His heart for the gospel and missions is contagious to us all, and he and his precious wife, Esther, are shining examples of Christian marriage.”

Tanya Rushing, administrative assistant for Holmes Baptist Association, added, “Brother Kent truly cares about each and every church in the association, praying daily and having worked to build a relationship with not just the pastors and churches, but the community members with a message of growing God’s kingdom at the forefront of his ministry. We are thankful the Lampps will remain in our community.”

With Lampp officially retired at the end of 2023, his successor, Randy Torrance is ready to start the new year. “Randy is a great administrator,” said Smith. “I have witnessed his leadership and planning skills and look forward to working with him.”

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