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Church Planting & Revitalization

Planting Seeds

Right beside you in church multiplication – God has called your church to reach your Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the earth. We want to be your financial partner to help you mobilize for the Kingdom work of church multiplication. Granted,  church multiplication takes on many different shapes and sizes. In some places it is a new church plant, in others it is revitalization, and others still,  multi-site campuses. Regardless of how your neighborhood needs to make more disciples, the Florida Baptist Convention wants to partner with cooperating Florida Baptist churches and provide a financial contribution to church planting efforts taking place in our state. Contact your Regional Catalyst to learn more about the process to receive Church Planting Assistance through the Florida Baptist Convention.


Florida Baptist Churches…Mobilzed

PLANT: (verb \plant\) to put or place in the ground to grow.

REVITALIZE: (verb \re·vi·tal·ize) to give new life or vigor to.

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