BE ON MISSION BY CELEBRATING. We are instructed by God to daily be on His mission, which enables us to carry out our earthly and eternal purpose of giving Him all praise and glory. God desires to teach us, grow us and even bless us when we chose to be faithful to His Word and daily instructions. The blessing of being obedient to His mission for our lives leads to an abundance of Kingdom celebrations. We are given the blessing of celebrating the endless stories of Kingdom victories in and through the lives of His children. Being on mission teaches me to celebrate not only what God is doing in and through my life but to celebrate what God is doing throughout His Kingdom. Think of the amazing truth of this statement, “You being faithful on your Kingdom mission is my celebration!” As the church of Jesus Christ, we have been abundantly blessed with countless opportunities to celebrate the victories of His Kingdom.

In this section are Kingdom stories of celebration. We would like to include you and your church “on mission story” in this section. Please send us a photo of your mission team on local, state, country or international missions. For security measures limit the pictures to your team members and with their approvals for the picture to be posted. Your celebration photo will be encouragement to all of us as we celebrate together the workers in the harvest. Also included in this section are Kingdom stories of celebrations from our partners in ministry. BE ON MISSION BY CELEBRATING.

Click on the images below for stories of celebration.

Celebration Photos