Have you registered for the #Sharper2018 ministry conference closest to you? Maybe you’re too busy or not sure Sharper! is right for you. Whatever your reason, maybe Tommy Green and some other Florida Baptist pastors can change your mind.

Top Five Reasons Dr. Green thinks you should come to #Sharper2018:

Number 5: It’s an opportunity to network with like-minded ministers.

Sharper! brings together ministry leaders in your area who are likely experiencing the same struggles you are.

Walter West, senior pastor of Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine, agrees.

“Sharper is a great opportunity to meet other ministry leaders,” he said.

Anastasia Baptist is hosting one of the conferences taking place on March 1st. Leaders will come together that day for worship and an in-depth look at disciple-making.

And they’ll feed you lunch.

Number 4: You’ll be learning from churches that are reaching their areas for Christ.

Sometimes hearing things from a different perspective can give you a fresh idea to try in your own ministry context.

Ted Traylor, lead pastor of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola and the host of one of the two Sharper! conferences in West Florida, is a fan of Sharper! because it fosters “collaboration with other church leaders that allows for you to encourage and equip others.”

Erik Cummings, pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Carol City, put it this way: Sharper! will allow him “to consider other best practices that may enhance my work within my context.”

Number 3:  Fellowship through Sharper! reminds us that we are better together.

As Southern Baptists, we know cooperation is key and one of the things we do best. Just as iron sharpens iron, together we can be better and do more than we can alone.

Cummings sees it as an opportunity “to fellowship with others who are seeking to raise the standard in their ministries.”

The Sharper! conference at New Life is February 22nd and will key in on innovative ways to grow almost every ministry in your church from social and community ministries to sports evangelism and students and children. Dinner will be provided.

Number 2: Sharper! provides encouragement to press on in ministry.

Ministry can be hard. Who better to encourage you then those experiencing similar difficulties?

Traylor appreciates that Sharper! provides “an opportunity to fellowship around ministry discussion.”

Olive’s Sharper! conference is February 22nd and will center around the theme ‘REVITALIZE – Renew – Refresh – Restore and will also be providing lunch.


Number 1: Sharper! allows us to continue to grow in our ministry calling through the sharing and receiving of fresh ideas and practices in ministry.

Cummings said he is looking forward to be encouraged and strengthened and for his staff and volunteers to be refreshed and revived.

“Sharper! strengthens the work of churches through pulling back the curtain and in a transparent manner learning from other churches,” said Green.

Ready to register for #Sharper2018? There may still be time! Click here to find the location nearest you!

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, February 21, 2018