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Still waiting for the next copy of the Florida Baptist Witness to arrive?

The wait is over!

We need you!
If you are enthusiastic about the missions and ministry taking place at your church, consider becoming a part of our content contribution team. We want to hear and share the stories of all our Florida Baptist churches, but we can’t do it without you.

To find out more about how you can be a part of carrying the Florida Baptist Witness into the future, contact Mark MacDonald at 904-396-2351 or email him at

Why all the changes?
The Florida Baptist Witness has been adept at transitioning with the times and keeping up with advances in technology and an ever-changing culture, bringing stories of Florida Baptist missions and ministry taking place throughout the state.

The vision that Tommy Green has for the future of the Witness echoes the vision that he has implemented in his first two years as head of the Convention. Green believes the new format will further enable the Witness to better come alongside churches, empowering them to tell their stories in compelling ways and impacting even more people.

“We are excited about the opportunity to present the story of the work of Florida Baptist churches through an online presence and grateful to be able to do it free of charge,” Green said.

In this new format, content will come directly from the people of the churches. This gives readers the opportunity to hear about more and varying ministries and to hear them from different perspectives as more people get to participate. While it’s a new way forward considering the Witness’s current format, it’s also a nod to its past as during the 1890s the sole content contributors were the people of Florida Baptist churches.

A Rich History
One of the oldest publications in the country, the first issue of the Witness came out January 17, 1884. The founding of the paper was an important step in shaping early Baptist life in Florida and provided a needed connection for Baptists around the state. In 2002, the Witness became the first Baptist State paper to provide its content online for free and in 2010 content became available in formats compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

A Bright Future
To help fulfill Dr. Green’s vision for the new Witness, church communication specialist Mark MacDonald has joined the team as the Convention’s Strategic Communication Catalyst. MacDonald has dedicated himself to helping churches improve the quality of their communications and their overall communication strategy.

MacDonald is passionate about the local church and eager to see the Witness become a better platform for the voices of Florida Baptists.

“The ability to provide more up-to-the minute content in a format that is more accessible than ever before is an important step forward for the Florida Baptist Witness and only serves to benefit Florida Baptist churches,” MacDonald said. “By sharing our stories, we challenge, encourage, and bless each other as we all work together to have a Gospel impact on our state.”

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, January 3, 2018

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