#Sharper2018: A Closer Look – Bell Shoals Baptist Church

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Bell Shoals Baptist Church welcomed more than 300 people to our Brandon Campus for the Sharper! Ministry Conference on March 1st.

The six sessions included a range of learning opportunities, from campus safety, fraud prevention and staff leadership to a four-part series on preaching, and two classes on leading worship.

We also offered classes on Celebrate Recovery, children’s ministry, pastoral care, evangelism and social media.

“I am encouraged that this many pastors in our area have a passion for improving their ministry skills,” said Senior Pastor Stephen Rummage, who led the four-part session on preaching. “God will be glorified at churches throughout Central Florida in the days to come.”

But the classes weren’t the only benefit for those attending.

“In addition to the learning that took place, it was important to me that we offered a time of worship and opportunities for these men and women to get to know each other,” said Dr. Rummage.

The day started and ended with worship, and lunch was provided on campus with plenty of time for fellowship among those attending.

By Kevin Bumgarner, Bell Shoals Baptist Church, March 5, 2018

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