#SendSouthFlorida – Jarvis Singleton & Redeeming Grace Church

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Ben Dexter grew up in church but he didn’t start to really learn what the Bible said until he started attending Redeeming Grace Church in Greenacres. Ben said the focus on discipleship has made a huge difference in his relationships with his wife and children.

“If Redeeming Grace wasn’t here I don’t’ know where my church home would be,” he said. “It’s important to understand the Word and when it lingers with you throughout the week and makes you want to share – that’s what Redeeming Grace does.”

Jarvis Singleton planted Redeeming Grace earlier this year with a core mission to build healthy disciples. And it’s that emphasis that is transforming lives like Ben Dexter’s in the Palm Beach County community where they meet.

“We want to pour into people,” Jarvis said. “We want to provide discipleship structure that will help people understand Scripture and how it can apply to them with the umbrella of the Gospel being its head.”

Jarvis has encountered many people who were never properly discipled and have struggled through life not understanding the freedom, grace and forgiveness of life in Christ. Through Sunday worship services and weekly Bible studies, Jarvis carefully goes through the Word of God, making sure his members are well-educated in the Word.

“We want people brand new to the faith and those who have been in the faith a long time to really understand what it means to believe in Christ,” Jarvis said. “We see the danger of not understanding. Everyone who steps into this church is going to get a full, robust understanding of the Gospel and how they should live in light of it.”

Ben and Jarvis and the ministry of Redeeming Grace Church are being highlighted this week as part of the Maguire State Mission Offering’s #SendSouthFlorida initiative. For promotional materials or to find out how you can be involved visit www.flbaptist.org/send.

Will you pray for Jarvis Singleton and Redeeming Grace Church? Pray for Redeeming Grace as they:

  • try to find a better time and place for Sunday worship
  • work towards funding a community outreach
  • figure out a way to become a public school partner

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, September 16, 2018

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