#SendSouthFlorida – Fabian Portunato & Revolution Church

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Fabian Portunato is deeply invested in the needs of the community his church, Revolution Church in Miami, is trying to reach.

Fabian admits he is not casting a wide net when it comes to reaching his Kendale Lakes community, but instead is interested in creating deeper connections that impact entire families in this community of first generation Spanish speakers and second and third generation English speakers.

Aside from language issues, there are other ministry hurdles Fabian needs to overcome to truly introduce people to the Gospel and to who Jesus is. The large demographic of people who call themselves Catholic in the area is one of the major challenges he faces – people know who Jesus is and believe in him, but never attend church or allow Jesus to really permeate their lives.

“It’s hard to give them the Gospel when they think they already believe,” he said. “It would almost be easier amongst a people group that doesn’t know Jesus.”

The area also struggles financially. While the majority of the Kendall area is considered middle class, the particular community of Kendale Lakes consists primarily of multi-family housing and broken families. The people of the area find themselves stuck in a financial limbo, making too much for government assistance but not enough to truly thrive.

In all Fabian strives to keep evangelism at the forefront of everything Revolution Church does. Through community outreaches, a burgeoning prison ministry and a public school partnership, Fabian keeps putting the Gospel out into the community and sharing Jesus with anyone he comes into contact with.

Fabian and Revolution Church are being highlighted this week as part of the Maguire State Mission Offering’s #SendSouthFlorida initiative. For promotional materials or to find out how you can be involved visit www.flbaptist.org/send.

Will you pray for Fabian Portunato and Revolution Church? Pray for Fabian as he:

  • ministers to inmates at Metro West Detention Center.
  • makes inroads by starting a Bible study at an area public school.
  • encourages his people to keep sharing the Gospel and not be discouraged.

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, September 10, 2018

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