“Right Beside You”

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by Barbara Denman, Florida Baptist Convention
November 6, 2013

It’s a new logo. And a new mission.

From the sun’s radiating rays representing the five regions in the Sunshine State; to the commitment that defines who we are . . . “Right Beside You.”

Your local church is the priority of the Florida Baptist Convention. And we want to walk beside you; not behind you pushing; not ahead of you pulling; not above or below, but right beside you.

And we want to walk with you personally, which is why every region has a team member living there, knowing your roads, knowing your church, ready to respond to meet your needs.

To our Florida Baptist churches, we want you to tell us…how we can help you; how we can support you; how we can work in unity to impact our state and global missions.

And so with this new logo, we make the promise that we will come alongside you to impact the local church, support and love the local church, and be unified together to make a Kingdom impact.

“The new logo reflects the commitment of your Florida Baptist team to be ‘Right Beside You’ in ministry,” said Tommy Green, executive director-treasurer.

“The logo identifies the regionalization and personalization of the Convention to serve our Florida Baptist churches. We support our churches in the mission of making disciples of the nations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” he added.

“We exist to serve our amazing churches in Florida. It is a privilege to be ‘Right Beside You’ in the ministry of the Gospel!


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