Regional catalysts: ‘Right Beside’ local churches

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The regional catalysts of the Florida Baptist Convention are positioned to be ‘Right Beside’ our Florida Baptist churches. The regional catalysts are uniquely situated in the ministry context of Florida to be available to our churches. The primary focus of regional catalysts is the question, “How can we serve you?” The personalization of the Florida Baptist Convention becomes a reality with this paradigm of ministry.

Regional catalysts function to serve and respond to the needs of our churches. They provide support and assistance through building relationships with our pastors. The ready response of our regional catalysts reveals the heartbeat of the Florida Baptist Convention. Churches do not exist to serve the Florida Baptist Convention, instead the Florida Baptist Convention exist to serve our churches. We do not espouse a ‘come to us’ attitude, but a ‘Right Beside You’ approach. We are a family that functions with trust and commitment to #ReachFlorida for Christ.

The map included with this blog establishes the geographic scope of responsibility of our regional catalysts and contact information for these individuals.

Tommy Green is Executive Director-Treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention

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