Panhandle church extends hope, grace to those in recovery

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Pictured Above: Men of Project Hope and women of Saving Grace at Mosaic Church Night of Worship.

CRESTVIEW— After attending a men’s discipleship group at Mosaic Church in Crestview, Jason accepted Christ as Savior and was baptized at the church in testimony of his new life. But soon after his salvation experience, the young man realized he needed more help with his addiction than the church alone could provide.

He found the help he needed at Project Hope, a men’s recovery program that had recently relocated from Fort Walton to Crestview in 2021.

Pastor Tadd Anderson, his wife, Amy, and their four children.

The young man’s experience drew Mosiac pastor Tadd Anderson, who had led the men’s discipleship group, to partner with the recovery ministry to help transform lives of men and women in their community struggling with addictions.

With nearly 21 million Americans struggling with addictive behaviors, the Panhandle church has made a commitment to encourage their neighbors toward a reliance on God instead of their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Every Sunday morning, the church welcomes the men from the program to worship with them.

In February, Mosaic Church held a special Night of Worship and Gospel Encouragement for the men of Project Hope and the women of Saving Grace, the sister program for women overcoming addictions.

Nearly 50 men and women from the combined programs attended the night of worship, which included testimony from a fellow church member who found freedom from his addiction in the good news of Jesus.

And Jason, the young man who had struggled with his addiction, led the special music—a living testimony of a transformed life.

Following worship, about 20 volunteers from Mosaic along with friends from Celebrate Recovery served the group a pulled pork dinner. The time of food and fellowship sought to encourage the men and women in the huge step they were taking to get their lives back on track by following Jesus.

Volunteers serve dinner for Project Hope and Saving Grace.
Volunteers serve dinner for Project Hope and Saving Grace.

“The need is big in our area as we don’t have many gospel-centered recovery and counseling resources in the Panhandle,” said Anderson.

“Project Hope and Saving Grace are doing a great work. We’re just getting started with this ministry and hope to continue to build relationships and be a landing spot for those who graduate from the programs.”

Mosaic Church is located at 837 West James Lee Blvd., Crestview. The vision of the church is to make disciples who believe the gospel, abide in Christ and obey the word. For more information visit

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