Pace Church “Burns the Note”

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God’s people celebrated His faithfulness as Immanuel Baptist Church in Pace became debt-free for the first time in more than 14 years, paying off the mortgage on its worship center. The church broke ground on the worship center in March of 2002, financing the construction with a $2.8 million loan.


“We’re thankful for the worship space God has blessed us with to reach more people for Christ,” said Pastor Josh Wilson.

When Pastor Josh began serving at the church in May 2015, the church still owed a little less than $1 million. The pastor and the original building committee members gathered to “burn the note” during a recent Sunday morning worship service.

Lewis Miller, Regional Catalyst for the West, was there to commemorate the occasion.

“The visionary leadership of pastor Josh Wilson is a testimony to God’s ability to accomplish His work through an excellent young pastor,” Lewis said.

Pastor Josh was quick to acknowledge the faithfulness of his congregation.

“This is a tremendous day and a great milestone of faith in the life and history of our church,” he said. “Our people have persisted and sacrificed for many years to accomplish this goal together.”

With the burden of the loan now lifted, Immanuel is poised to increase its ministry reach in Pace and the surrounding area.

“With the debt now gone, we look forward to the days ahead and more opportunities for missions and ministry in our community moving forward. To God Be the Glory!” said Pastor Josh.

Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, December 13, 2017

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