Mother’s Day Offering champions at-risk children

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Florida Baptist Children’s Homes (FBCH) provides an amazing compassionate ministry in Florida. I am grateful for this Cooperating Ministry of the Florida Baptist Convention.

The visionary leadership of Dr. Jerry Haag addresses the relevant issues of our culture in ministering to children. The campuses around the state of Florida are the settings for resident and non-resident ministry to those children who are underserved and often forgotten.

The FBCH emphasizes the very present need for foster and adoptive care for many children in Florida. I am thankful that Florida Baptist churches are helping to champion the cause of foster care and adoption for at-risk children. The amazing blessing of a temporary or permanent family for a forsaken child is a gift from Heaven. We fail to sense the issues of homelessness, hunger, abuse and abandonment that are the normative for many children in Florida.

FBCH stands in the gap as advocates for those who need the love of Christ in a very tangible manner.

The Children’s Homes has embraced another current issue in our society of human sex trafficking. The provision of a safe house and other ministries enables victims to be set free from this degrading, devastating and destructive industry. The value and sanctity of human life extends beyond our opposition to abortion and declares the dignity and value of every individual. Pray for this ungodly practice of human sex trafficking to be eradicated in our generation!

The FBCH receives support from our Florida Baptist churches through the Cooperative Program (CP). The 2016 Cooperative Program Budget provides $1,120,000 to further the ministry of FBCH.

We have the unique opportunity to give a love offering beyond CP gifts through the Mother’s Day Offering. The entirety of this offering provides resources to enable the FBCH to fulfill the mission of ministering to needy children in Florida. I encourage Florida Baptists to respond to the Mother’s Day Offering for FBCH in a generous manner.

Thank you FBCH for having the heart and mission to reach one more child with the love of Christ!

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