Housing scholarship campaign launched at BCF

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Pictured above: BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen shares his vision of the Housing Scholarship, by Zoom, with the Promotion & Publicity Committee of the BCF Board of Trustees.

GRACEVILLE–The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) is launching a housing scholarship campaign to assist students pursuing their degrees on the campus in Graceville.

“The Housing Scholarship Program will provide a vehicle for more of our students to reside on campus,” said BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen, “and receive the added value of living and studying in a unique Christian environment.”

Kinchen estimates that to fully fund the program for a year, “We need to raise $300,000. Every donation will go directly to this program and will be greatly appreciated.”

While the college provides “excellent” educational programs both on campus and through distance education, Kinchen said “many students would love to live and study on the campus in Graceville, but they cannot afford the cost of housing. Often, students who withdraw before completing their degrees, do so because of costs.”

Noting that BCF is ranked annually as one of the least expensive and highest quality college programs in the country, the college president said the cost of higher education is still a burden.

The Housing Scholarship Program is designed for flexibility. The cost for a residence hall room is $230 per month or $1,150 per semester. Married student apartments cost an average of $500 per month or $2,500 per semester.

According to Kinchen, during the first week of the campaign, the school raised approximately $60,000 to initiate the scholarship program. “I truly believe that we can reach this $300,000 goal and provide low or no cost housing for the 2020-2021 academic session. Coming at this time of crisis for so many of our students and their families, this would be a tremendous blessing,” he said.

“If God has called students to come to The Baptist College of Florida, I do not want financial concerns to keep them from pursuing the education needed to carry out their mission.”

To make a donation to the Housing Scholarship Fund or to obtain more information on how to become a part of this timely campaign, please contact the President’s Office at The Baptist College of Florida at takinchen@baptistcollege.edu or call (850) 263-3261 Ext 445.

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