Haitian pastors, wives gather for refreshment

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Haitian pastors and their wives are heading to Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center this weekend for their annual retreat, where hundreds will gather to challenge, bless and encourage each other.

John Voltaire, Haitian church catalyst for the Florida Baptist Convention, said they are expecting nearly 300 people at the event.

This was to be the first year Cansky Masson, senior pastor of Caya Baptist Church in Orlando, and his wife were going to be able to attend. Masson was disappointed to learn that a significant scheduling conflict was going to keep them away yet again this year. While he’s disappointed, Masson said he will plan early for next year’s retreat because he values what he learns and the interactions he has with other pastors.

“We learn from each other and we take what we learn back to the church,” he said.

Voltaire is also planning a special roundtable discussion with pastors about the future of the Haitian church and its future in Convention life in addition to a special Cooperative Program offering.

This year’s breakout sessions include:

  • Pastoral leadership development – Dr. Duthène Joseph
  • Church legal health – Jonathan Bailie
  • Pastor’s well-being and time management – Dr. Frantz Jean-Louis
  • Church financial leadership – Gary Townsend
  • Ministry of being a pastor’s wife – Delphine Gervais
  • Family and ministry – Myles Dowdy

Voltaire knows the Haitian pastors look forward to this time of refreshment but was especially touched to hear about one pastor who recently suffered a stroke and has been through rehab who told him he will not miss the retreat this year despite his health difficulties.

Check back next week to find out how the Haitian Pastors and Wives Retreat went and see all the highlights.

By Nicole Kalil, Florida Baptist Convention, April 25, 2018

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