Haitian church leaders find encouragement at regional training

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First Ebenezer Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando welcomed almost 100 people to the Haitian Regional Sunday School Conference of the Florida Baptist Convention.

The Orlando conference was the last of three Sunday School training events with the previous two held in Miami and Tampa.

John Voltaire, Haitian church catalyst of the Florida Baptist Convention, said that the purpose of these trainings is to encourage churches to focus on the Great Commission while showing them new ways to do so.

Those who attended had seven different classes to choose from and the opportunity to rotate, which allowed many to attend up to two classes. The topics covered included Vacation Bible School, Children’s Sunday School, pastoral training, evangelism, deacon ministry, women’s ministry and men’s ministry.

“People talked about how great the training was and how they wish there were more through the year,” said Voltaire.

Pierre Antoine Michaud, pastor of First Ebenezer, received the same feedback from his church.

“It was awesome and people loved it,” he said. Specifically, he added, people enjoyed the new techniques and resources available to do Sunday School effectively.

“They are learning that Sunday School is a way of bringing new converts and motivating them in the faith.”

For Emmanuel Cesar, Christian education director at First Ebenezer, the evangelism training session was particularly useful and perfectly synced with the current focus of the pastor’s preaching.

“Having a training in such a large scale was great because so many churches had the opportunity to participate,” he said.

Cansky Masson, pastor of Caya Baptist Church of Orlando, was also in attendance along with leaders from his church. In the training sessions specifically designed for pastors, Masson said he learned that as a pastor he must first know himself well and be filled with the Spirit of God in order to minister to his people well. The feedback Masson has received from his leaders indicates that another training conference like the one on Saturday would be greatly welcomed.

“I thank God for this opportunity,” he added.

For more information on training events like this one check the calendar of events here.

By Keila Diaz, Florida Baptist Convention, April 4, 2018

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