Global hunger relief unifies to make eternal difference

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From Dr. Tommy Green: This month, Florida Baptists are observing and responding to the Baptist Global Hunger Relief offering. The offering provides a tangible way to respond to the hunger crisis.

I am grateful that Florida Baptists are proactive in our desire to provide food to our neighbor in the name of Jesus. This offering enables resources to be disbursed in Florida, North America and internationally to meet this pressing need. This offering is a collaborative effort between the Florida Baptist Convention, North American Mission Board and International Mission Board to unite in emphasizing this compassionate ministry.

The Global Hunger Relief Offering gifts will be divided in this fashion– 25 percent to the Florida Baptist Convention, 15 percent to NAMB and 60 percent to the IMB.

Last year your offering gifts provided food for 206,860 individuals in Florida. The funds were divided among churches and associations in the state based on requests.

We rejoice that 2,260 persons accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through these ministry efforts. When you give to Global Hunger Relief Offering you make an immediate and eternal difference.

The statistics in Florida are humbling:

–17 percent or 3.3 million Floridians lack access to nutritional food.

–over 1 million children go hungry and do not receive healthy food on a regular basis.

–children and senior adults are the most vulnerable to hunger in Florida.

We have the opportunity to give out of our blessings and abundance to provide for those who need this touch in their lives.

You can download resources to promote this worthy offering at A 90-second video is available on the Convention website for viewing in your church. Please make this a priority in your church. Let’s join together to make a difference!

Tommy Green is Executive Director-Treasurer, Florida Baptist Convention

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