Florida Baptists’ Family Gathering resonates

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The Family Gathering of the Florida Baptist Convention continues to resonate across our state. The 2100 plus individuals in attendance at FBC Orlando experienced the blessing of collaboration, celebration, and challenge for the future. On behalf of Florida Baptists a huge thank you to FBC Orlando for the incredible hospitality in hosting the gathering.

Pastor Brian Stowe led the Pastors Conference with great compassion and encouragement for our Florida Baptist pastors to ‘Stay At It’. Pastor Erik Cummings provided a tremendous display of ‘One’ throughout the Convention meeting. The leadership of the Lord in the worship, preaching, and business was clearly evident. Thank you Florida Baptist Family for the unity of mission that we share in Christ!

The CHALLENGE 2025 presented at the Convention provides a clear, concise, and compelling framework for our Florida Baptist Family ministries over the next few years. The CHALLENGE 2025 opportunities are under the leadership of the Lord and to the glory of the Lord as follows:

  • Church Plants – 75 per year
  • Church Revitalizations – 100 per year
  • Baptisms – 30,000 individuals per year
  • Mission Engagements – 12,000 trips per year
  • Cooperative Program – $33,000,000 per year
  • Maguire State Missions Offering – $1,000,000 per year

These goals are the floor and not the ceiling for our family of churches. The establishing and working together toward these benchmarks provides an unparalleled opportunity for comprehensive ministry in Florida.

I will be in 12 locations from Pensacola to Miami after the first of the year to discuss and pray for CHALLENGE 2025. You can find a meeting near you to attend at flbaptist.org/challenge-2025.

It is a joy, honor, and privilege to serve Florida Baptists.

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