FBC Bradfordville to host basketball clinic for Missions

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Bradfordville First Baptist Church is gearing up for a week of missions in South Florida alongside Turning Point Miami.

A total of 40 teens, children and adults will travel from Tallahassee to Miami to engage in a series of mission projects to help Turning Point reach their community as well as participate in events designed to help motivate other churches to be a part of Send South Florida.

Ronny Raines, Bradfordville pastor, said that this mission trip was designed with the family in mind.

“We wanted to connect our church goals to Dr. Green’s vision in South Florida.”

Tom Cooney, Bradfordville’s student pastor, added that a lot of prayer went into the design of this mission trip.

The mission team will do door to door evangelism, host a basketball clinic and help with Vacation Bible School.

The basketball clinic will be one of the key aspects of the trip. Through it the mission team hopes to convey spiritual principles and character building to the middle and high school students who will participate all while teaching them practical game skills.

On Monday night there will be a question and answer session to help other churches catch the Send South Florida vision. Panelists will include Raines; Emanuel Roque, Hispanic Church Catalyst of the Florida Baptist Convention and James Peoples, North American Mission Board Send City Missionary.

Raines also noted, “It’s not just about how we will serve them but Pastor Lozano also wants his church to serve our church.”

For that reason Turning Point will be providing lunch for the Bradfordville group and will also host a dinner and worship night for the team at the Southeast Regional Center where they will be staying.

“Our goal [for this trip] is to engage and build relationships,” said Raines.

By Keila Diaz, Florida Baptist Convention, July 12, 2018

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