Encouragement and appreciation for pastors and wives in SE Florida

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More than 100 pastors and their wives from Miami-Dade and Broward counties came together at the Southeast Regional Center in Hialeah for an evening of fellowship, worship and dinner.

The appreciation dinner was hosted by the Florida Baptist Convention to honor pastors and their wives for their ministry and is one of multiple dinners scheduled through the year to honor pastors of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds across Florida.

Al Fernandez, Southeast regional catalyst for the Florida Baptist Convention (FBC), kicked off the evening by welcoming the pastors and their wives.

“The Florida Baptist Convention thanks you for your ministry and your wives’ ministry,” he said.

Roses were passed out to the pastors, which they then gifted to their wives in honor and appreciation of their ministry and support.

“This is like a date night for you,” joked Emanuel Roque, Hispanic church catalyst of the FBC.

Hispanic pastors and their wives were honored for their ministry at a recent appreciation dinner.

The honorees enjoyed dinner while soft music played in the background. As plates were cleared, the room was abuzz with pastors and wives mingling around the room, taking selfies and catching up.

Tommy Green, executive director-treasurer of the FBC, was the night’s keynote speaker. He shared a message out of Jeremiah 31:25 encouraging pastors in their ministry and urging them to seek renewed strength from God.

In his message—with simultaneous translation by Roque– Green listed essential characteristics and attitudes pastor should display.

“Be content where God has planted you,” he said. He also added that pastors should be committed to evangelism and missions; faithful, loving and compassionate; cautious with their family; biblical preachers and in control of their temper.

“Have someone to be accountable to and guard your heart.”

To end the evening, Green prayed over the pastors and their wives as they all renewed their commitment to their ministries.

By Keila Diaz, Florida Baptist Convention, May 10, 2018

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