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DR ministry understands that many want to volunteer after a disaster. We usually offer trainings for credentialing volunteers every spring to prepare for hurricane season. You are encouraged to attend a training when offered in your area to experience the full benefit. Watch our website for training dates and locations – usually 7 trainings are spread around the state each year.

However, understanding sometimes that is not possible (COVID-19, as an example), registration and training will also be offered online.

Steps to Become a Credentialed Volunteer
    (Each colored word will link you to the proper site to complete that step)

  1. Complete a background check. The Florida Baptist Convention requires a background check for all credentialed volunteers, which is good for three years.
  2. Attend a Regional Training or follow the on-line process for registration and training.
  3. We will identify needs and notify you via email with site information where and when you may serve.
  4. We look forward to ministering together!
Online Process for registering and training

Register– entering all information. This is for both returning and/or new volunteers. There is a $10.00 registration fee per person that may be paid with a credit card. You only need to register once a year no matter how many classes you take.

Watch the Orientation segment videos. You may watch these separately or all at one time. When finished, answer the short questionnaire. The questionnaire will be sent to the office and your attendance will be recorded. This is required of all beginning volunteers and when renewing your badge (once every three years).

Choose a ministry area class you would like to take and/or review. Again, answer the questionnaire at the end which will record your attendance of this class.

You may take as many ministry area classes as you desire – remembering to answer the questionnaire at the end to have your attendance recorded.

Allow a few weeks following your background clearance, registration, and class attendance to receive your badge. If we do not have a current headshot picture of you, one will be requested. Pictures may be selfies. When sending a picture, please remember – no hats or sunglasses may be worn in the shot, and a plain background should be used (for instance – a clear wall).

For online trainings, you will order your hat, shirt, and lanyard from IWantYellow.com At the time you place your order, you will need to provide your badge number. When ordering, you may decide to order extra shirts and items, which is perfectly acceptable. Whatever you order will be at your expense. Registration cost has been reduced since we will not be providing these items.

Any questions –  email us.

Ministry Areas

Need to find an area of service?

DR has many ministry areas to serve. Everyone should be able to find a ministry that fits their physical capabilities.

Cross training is another way you can help DR. Once you have been trained in one ministry and become interested in another all you need to do is attend another training event. Cross training is helpful when a specific ministry area is not called out to a disaster but more people are needed in another ministry area.

You must be a credentialed volunteer to be a part of these and any ministry of FLDR.

Feeding – Meet the physical and spiritual needs of those impacted by a disaster through preparing up to 40,000 meals per day.

Clean Up & Recovery – Provide hope to others while engaging in temporary roofing, chainsaw crews, yard clean up, and flood recovery.

Emergency Response Team – Provide safety/security to responding volunteers and local communities while onsite.

Temporary Child Care – Care for children in the aftermath of a disaster.

Emotional & Spiritual Care – Comfort and encourage all who are affected by a disaster.

Chaplaincy – Click here for more information on the requirements for becoming a Disaster Relief Chaplain.

Administrative Support – Serve in a clerical support role by compiling reports, tracking volunteers and job information, while offering compassion to those in need.

Logistical Support – Move all the equipment and supplies: before, during, and after as well as keep it running.

Have questions? Email us.

Day Volunteer

Want to volunteer but not trained?

Our Disaster Relief (DR) Ministry understands that many want to volunteer after a disaster. We normally train and credential volunteers in advance. However, there’s an option for Individuals and Church Groups who want to be activated quickly to assist in cleanup and recovery.

Steps to Become a Day Volunteer
  1. You or your church contacts us for partnership.
  2. Download PDF forms: DR Day Volunteer Forms.
  3. You or your church completes Group Form (link above) and email it to us.
  4. We identify and notify you with site info where you’ll serve.
  5. Onsite Command will be notified of your arrival.
  6. You must bring completed roster form PLUS signed hold-harmless forms.
  7. Let’s serve!

Have questions? Email us.

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