Florida Baptist Convention, Disaster Relief

Current Response - MONITORING

Current Response:

Level 3 – ALERT – FLDR notified of a disaster situation and may be asked to mobilize resources. Pray for those who may have been affected.
Level 2 – STANDBY – FLDR has been asked to respond to a Disaster situation and currently mobilizing resources. 

Level 1 – ACTIVE – FLDR is currently responding to a disaster situation.

Current Situation: August 29, 2023

  • Trained and credentialed DR volunteers should make contact with their regional coordinator.
  • FBC DR Liaison is positioned at the State Emergency Operations Center and working to support with mission input.
  • Situation will continue to be monitored through daily sit reps provided by SEOC.
  • Monitoring track and probable landfall locations.
  • Potential kitchen site locations have been identified and contacted for possible partnership of response needs.
  • Equipment and supplies have been loaded and hooked up. Missions are being submitted for feeding and clean up and recovery.

What to do now?
We encourage you to:

  1. Plan now for your response to any potential disaster impacts
  2. Build an emergency kit for you and your family
  3. Determine your evacuation plan
  4. Make copies of important papers/insurance policies and keep them in a secure place
  5. Be informed.  Listen and note daily weather updates (even during ‘Sunny” days)
  6. Make sure your DR “go box” has all your credentials and necessary items in one place


Pray for the survivors as they face these difficult days.  Pray for the First responders, utility responders, city, county, and state Emergency personnel as they engage and respond.


You can give below to support the Disaster Relief efforts and provide needed aid.


Credentialed Volunteers, please contact your local or regional leadership as to your availability and continue to earnestly pray for the survivors, and all those helping with recovery.

Thank you in advance for your desire to be right beside those who need help, hope and healing!

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Florida Baptist Convention, Florida Baptist Disaster Relief