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Helping the Bahamas

Responding to the Bahamas: Baptist Global Response (BGR) will be the lead Southern Baptist agency to assist the Bahamas with relief and recovery. Additionally, Florida Baptist, Randy Crowe, with Island Outreach will be providing immediate relief to the islands. Florida Baptists may contact either of these organizations to help.

Baptist Global Response – Dorian Update

We are beginning to see improvements in the situation in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian.

The response teams are continuing to assess the extent of the damage sustained, as well as best practices for sustainable solutions moving forward. We have received reports from our representatives stating that the most heavily impacted areas are slowly becoming more accessible.

It has become apparent that the Abaco Islands have been the most affected, with a limited amount of aid reaching the devastated communities. The death toll currently stands at 43, with people still missing. It is expected that materials for roofing, debris removal, and a number of different relief supplies will be required in the weeks to come, but for immediate provisions, BGR is supplying food, blankets, and hygiene kits to families in need.

BGR teams are being intentional about implementing sustainable ways to help Bahamians recover. Our goal is to meet the greatest needs as practically and efficiently as possible. Thank you for your prayers and contributions during this time.

Current Response: Monitoring

Level 3 – ALERT – FLDR notified of a disaster situation and may be asked to mobilize resources. Pray for those who may have been affected.
Level 2 – STANDBY – FLDR has been asked to respond to a Disaster situation and currently mobilizing resources. 
Level 1 – ACTIVE – FLDR is currently responding to a disaster situation.

 What to do now?
We encourage you to:

  1. Plan now for your response to any potential disaster impacts
  2. Build an emergency kit for you and your family
  3. Determine your evacuation plan
  4. Make copies of important papers/insurance policies and keep them in a secure place
  5. Be informed.  Listen and note daily weather updates (even during ‘Sunny” days)
  6. Make sure your DR “go box” has all your credentials and necessary items in one place

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