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Ministry Home

Need to find an area of service? Florida Baptist Disaster Relief has many ministry areas to serve. Everyone should be able to find a ministry that would fit their physical and mental capabilities. Maybe you don’t like loud chainsaws and getting dirty, Administrative Support may be the area you need to serve. Keeping all the paperwork in order and tracking supplies is not your interest, but you love to cook then Mass Feeding could be your area of ministry. Chainsaws, shovels, and getting your hands dirty sounds like you then the Clean Up and Recovery unit is your ministry. You must be a credentialed volunteer to be a part of these and any ministry of the FLDR.

Cross training is another way you can help FLDR. Once you have been trained in one ministry and become interested in another all you need to do is attend another training event. Cross training is helpful when a specific ministry area is not called out to a disaster but more people are needed in another ministry area. You can be called upon to help make a difference.